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Spiral-Flow Finned Column Tube Oil Cooler SL Series SL-534

Place of Origin China
Brand Name Saar
Model Number SL-534 Tube Oil Cooler
Min.Order Quantity 1 pcs
Price Negotiable
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Product Features

Welcome to "Saar Hydraulic", your one-stop hydraulics components resource. Our experienced team has a wealth of experience in supplying hydraulic Spiral-Flow Finned Column Tube Oil Cooler SL Series SL-534s, valves,cylinders,filters,filter elements,Oil coolers. SL Series Tube Oil Cooler Features:
1. The spiral deflector guides oil into a spiral, even and continuous flow and overcomes the dead angle of heat-exchanging caused by the traditional deflection. So it is high in heat-exchanging efficiency and low in pressure loss.

2. Small in Spiral-Flow Finned Column Tube Oil Cooler SL Series SL-534 volume and large in heat-exchanging area, the cooling tube is made of red copper tube pressed as radiating fin.

3. Water flow covers 2-flow path and 4-flow path. Water volume includes large one (deflector for big lead) and small one (deflector for small lead). There are a great varieties of Spiral-Flow Finned Column Tube Oil Cooler SL Series SL-534s to match different demands.
1. Calculating heat quantity to be exchanged Q (Kcal/h)
(1) Calculating according to oil temperature requirement and flow volume
Q=Cpq (T1-T2)
In the formula: C -oil specific heat; p-oil density, q-oil flux, T1- temperature at oil inlet, T2-temperature at oil outlet.
(2) Calculating according to the heat-generating quantity of hydraulic system
In the formula: Pr-input power of hydraulic system, Pc-output effective power, Phc-radiating power of fuel tank and pipeline.

SL Series Tube Oil Cooler Specifications and Dimensions

1. This Spiral-Flow Finned Column Tube Oil Cooler SL Series SL-534 is suitable for fresh water only.
2. The working pressure of oil-side is 1.0MPa and that of waterside 0.5MPa.
3. The cooling water may be frozen in cold season, so the fresh water inside the cooler should be drawn without working.
4. Clean heat-exchanging tube (water media) per six months.
We also can produce coolers with different sizes and specifactions. required as customers.

SL Series Tube Oil Cooler Technical Data

ModelACDEGHJKLMNPQRST Dry weight(kg)
SL-303 309 45 152 107 8187 35 15 9558 11 x 20 62 120 89 3/4" 3/4" 5.5
SL-3043814522417981873515955811 x 2062120893/4"3/4"6
SL-3054534529625181873515955811 x 2062120893/4"3/4"6.5
SL-3075974544039581873515955811 x 2062120893/4"3/4"7
SL-3097414558453981873515955811 x 2062120893/4"3/4"8
SL-3118854572868381873515955811 x 2062120893/4"3/4"9
SL-4084696028424095125502014011012 x 18871501141¼"3/4"13
SL-4116136042838495125502014011012 x 18871501141¼"3/4"16
SL-4157576057252895125502014011012 x 18871501141¼"3/4"18
SL-4189016071667295125502014011012 x 18871501141¼"3/4"2
SL-421 1045 60860816951255020140110 12 x 18871501141¼"3/4"24
SL-509484702702061121605020 180 12018 x 251051801401½"1"24
SL-51863870406342121160502018012018 x 251051801401½"1"26
SL-52685470622558121160502018012018 x 251051801401½"1"31
SL-534107070838774121160502018012018 x 251051801401½"1"36
SL-5421286701054990121160502018012018 x 251051801401½"1"42
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